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Information most relevant for Spring

Home Lawn Grub Control Products 2014

Terry Davis and Dr. David Smitley provide their annual update on grub control products.

LawnCare University

Lawncare University is a collection lawn renovation, maintenance, and lawn care videos from the experts at Michigan State University.

Lawn Care without Pesticides

Frank Rossi at Cornell University has published a great resource for homeowners looking to maintain their lawns without pesticides. This bulletin includes topics like establishing realistic expectations, understanding how grass grows and best management practices for maintaining a healthy turf.

Japanese Beetle

Japanese beetle larvae can cause serious damage to golf course fairways and occasionally to home lawns. It normally is not a problem of non-irrigated turf.

European Chafer

The European chafer may be the most serious grub pest of home lawns and low-maintenance turf.

Sod Webworm

Sod webworms, the caterpillar of lawn moths, are a pest of bluegrass lawns in Michigan. Several closely related webworm species have similar life cycles and damage symptoms. The biology and management of bluegrass webworm Parapediasia teterrellas (Zincken), is discussed as a representative of the group.

Insect ID: Turf Insects

The MSU Department of Entomology has developed a great web site for identification of turf insects as well as detailed information and photos of 14 turf insects.

Additional resources you may find helpful

Integrated Pest Management for Home Lawns

Integrated pest management (IPM) is a system of managing pests by using a variety of control methods. For turfgrass management, the system is designed to optimize conditions for healthy plant growth because a healthy and vigorously growing lawn can tolerate a higher degree of pest pressure.

Bluegrass Billbug

The bluedgrass billbug, Sphenophorus parvulus, is a weevil that occasionally causes extensive damage to home lawns in Michigan. These beetles are named because of their long snout or "bill" which ends in a set of small mandibles or jaws. Billbugs in the lawn are generally not detected until the first signs of damage appear in July.