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Mr. Jeff Dunne, Graduate Research Assistant

Mr. Jeff Dunne

Graduate Research Assistant

162 PSSB
Michigan State University, East Lansing MI, 48823
Email: dunnejef@msu.edu
Advisor: Rogers

Undergraduate Degree: Michigan State University BS crop and soil sciences Four Year Turfgrass Management Program

Recreation: Michigan State University Hockey Alumni (2004-2008) 2007 National Championship Team

Research Work: 2005-2008 Tactical Research Assistant. Helped Alec Kowalewski with his research throughout his graduate school experience.

Graduate Project: Differences in blends and monostands of Kentucky bluegrass cultivars under a variety of stresses. Currently, I have four studies looking at different blends and single varieties of Kentucky bluegrass under wear, disease, and herbicide stress. For the wear stress study, two soil types will be evaluated. Although the initial plantings will be on native soil, one will remain native while the other will receive topdressing applications over time to a built-up sand capped system.